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By popular demand, PX This is proud to present Abbe Diaz’s "style blog" at abbediaz.com



From "Coming Soon: PX Me – The Sequel to PX This" (January 24, 2011):

"… in any case, if you’re still reading this letter, wow i’m so grateful, that must mean you’re really intrigued. likely, you’re one of this blog’s regular readers (as opposed to the many inquisitive seekers led down this path by the google gods) and to you goes my deepest gratitude.

you know me well by now, better even than some of my closest friends (seriously! but more of that later, in PX Me). some of you (and you knooow who you are) have asked about "the fashion" — "where’s the fashion? what about the fashion? how come there’s no fashion?" — since clearly you’re well aware that PX This (the book) was, ironically, more about fashion than it ever was about restaurants, but it just so happens the dining-loving "audience" caught onto the book first.
you smart cookies, you.


well. it just so happens now is the time for me to really hunker down and get to the final editing of PX Me. as you’re perhaps aware, it’s been delayed several seasons already.

although this blog has a number of great contributors and exponents, they, as you’ve probably surmised, all still maintain full-time jobs within the F&B industry. and unfortunately, there’s simply no way i personally can edit this blog every day and also write my next book— it’s not just the amount of time involved, but also: trying to switch my brain from one type of writing to another every day is just too hard for me. sorry!

i’ve wracked my noggin for a solution and voilà! you, my treasured homies, inspired the bestest one. so, NOW you finally get "the fashion." yay!


for the next several months while i work on PX Me, PX This (the blahg) will be updated less frequently, only about once or twice a week. hopefully that will amply satiate the restaurant-lovers and the scrutinizing googlies.

in the meantime, my daily blogging will consist mostly of photos— of— you got it: "the fashion." that way i can maintain my "brand’s momentum" (that’s book-marketing jargon, see) but still not have to switch my brain back and forth every day.

if you’re the type of visitor who comes for a daily "fix" of PX This and would like to take a gander at what comes next, please adjust your bookmarks and follow the white rabbit. you won’t have to visit two websites to stay informed of PX This, because i will gladly alert you every time it’s updated and offer up a handy hyperlink ladder from down in the rabbit hole…



are you ready? blue pill or red pill? if you want substance, well— i try. sometimes.

but if you want style— wooo child, have i got you covered.


here we go. please click here –> http://abbediaz.com …"