In Memoriam (again): Keith A. Glascoe

September 11th, 2013 by The House


"… Rest peacefully, my Brother, I just came back from a 3 yr long assignment in Iraq, and I dare to say that Justice has been served. Farewell, my Friend, Farewell…"Damir [Palladium, Tunnel, Club USA]




The following is an excerpt from PX This:


MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2001. 12:15PM

We got terrible news. A friend that B used to work with, “Big Keith,” is missing.

Such a nice guy, big and friendly and cute and good natured and happy. He’s a firefighter and I think nearly his entire squad is gone. Read more »


Re: motorcycles in NYC

August 23rd, 2013 by abbe diaz

abbe diaz's Ninja 600

Quora asks:
Is it possible, and sustainable, to trade the subway for a motorcycle in New York City?

I am planning to buy a motorcycle in order to move in and around the city when the weather is favorable. How possible and sustainable is this? Are roads good enough for such thing? What about parking places? Are there any arranging plans? Is riding to work on a bike everyday in Manhattan only the privilege of Shia LaBoeuf in Wall Street?

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the way to a woman’s heart…

August 22nd, 2013 by abbe diaz

i heart Fabio.

now there is finally a good reason to be “linked in.”



(on a kinda freaky note— i was thinking of Fabio Trabocchi just yesterday, i was going to name him at the very bottom of this Q/A interview i just did, as my Number One choice! i swear! how uncanny is that.)


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“If you’re famous, are you ever interested in what your fans say to you?”

August 16th, 2013 by abbe diaz

shut up, fans.

Quora asks:
“If you’re famous, are you ever interested in what your fans say to you?

– Surely most fans say variants of the same few things (I’m your biggest fan/I love your work/We’re soulmates/You saved my life etc.) Do they ever say anything genuinely interesting?–


A2A, yay!

Okay well, you realize the term “fan” is derived from the word “fanatic,” right? Therefore, people who watch a movie or listen to a song or read a book or look at a painting or eat a dish or attend a concert or an opera or a ballet or whatever, and then decide that they really like it— are in fact not “fans” at all. They are merely people who happened to enjoy a certain body of work (albeit maybe quite a lot), and accomplished/ esteemed/ famous people thoroughly realize this (it’s essentially their goal when they present their work, actually). Which is why “I’m your biggest fan/ I love your work/ We’re soulmates/ You saved my life” is not impressive at all. It sounds exactly as trite, contrived, and insincere as you think it does. Read more »


Drop Dead, Everybody

August 14th, 2013 by abbe diaz

McInerney twitts


firstly, i would like to express my gratitude for the persistent influx of “fan” letters and comments and “tips,” and whatnot. thank you, i really appreciate them.

secondly, i’d like to share this awesome bit of “news” that landed in my inbox this morning. Read more »

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August 12th, 2013 by abbe diaz

Paco Rabanne 1966

Paco Rabanne, 1966



“an absolute eye-opener”

August 10th, 2013 by The House

PX This.


I agree with most of the readers that say it was one of the funniest, most insightful, and shockingly honest books I have ever read. The book is written in a unique voice, which might be hard to get if you’re much older (although my dad is 65 and he also loved it) or are not that into boldly brazen and somewhat raunchy humorous writing. I don’t think that you have to be really into restaurants to appreciate it, but if you are (like I am), you will likely get a lot more out of it. If you dine out alot and are fond of famous chefs and restaurateurs (like Jean-Georges, Keith and Brian McNally, Graydon Carter, etc.) then this book is an absolute eye-opener that will change the way you view “hott” restaurants forever.

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scorpio perfectionist.

August 7th, 2013 by abbe diaz

scorpio perfectionist

now this must be a “poison pen,” cuz you’re fucking killing me right now.

just saying.


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411NSIDER: Charlie Bird

August 7th, 2013 by The House

Charlie Bird

PX This presents THE 4.1.1NSIDER REVIEW

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re getting sick of restaurants. New restaurants, old restaurants, hip restaurants, swanky restaurants, small restaurants, big restaurants, exotic restaurants, all of fucking Graydon Carter’s restaurants– we’ve tried them all, and we are up to our eyeballs in stupid goddamn restaurants already.

Look, we know why you’re here, we know what you want, and as you’re well aware by now, absolutely nobody else knows what they’re talking about quite like we at PX This do. Let’s face it, we’re so official, all we need is a whistle.

So, welcome to the 4.1.1NSIDER, where we’ll keep it brief. Just the facts, Jack. Better than that: just the facts you need. Hell, even better yet: just the facts you need on ONLY the coolest places to go. Wouldn’t it be great if everything in life were this smooth and slick? You’re welcome!

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411NSIDER: Preview of the Marlton Hotel

July 29th, 2013 by The House

Progress on the Marlton Hotel by Eric Goode and [oopsie! our bad] Sean MacPherson, currently under construction in Greenwich Village.

The hotel is expected to cater largely “to NYU” and will feature a restaurant and bar; rooms at this former SRO will “likely” be priced in the “$200 to $300 range.”



Producer Zainab Jah and director Tim Naylor are currently in pre-production for the first eight-episode season of PX This, created and co-written by Abbe Diaz, the "former maitre d' to the stars." The new web series is based on Diaz's [book] by the same title...

Producer Jah had heretofore intended to keep the project under wraps... until last week, when, on October 14th, 2008, she discovered an article in Variety... It seems CBS has just signed a development deal with Jason Jones and Samantha Bee (The Daily Show) to pen an as-yet-unnamed series about the "behind the scenes world of a celebrity chef... and the two women who run his cooking empire."

The series treatment for PX This (registered with the WGA on December 7, 2007) which has been making the rounds of several Hollywood agencies, is strikingly and undeniably similar to CBS's as-yet-unwritten concept.

"We are still hesitant to provide all the details," says Jah, "but do feel... proud to divulge some of the names involved," which include... Michael Imperioli, Steven R. Schirripa, John Ventimiglia (The Sopranos), and producer Brian Grazer...

"...will debut on PX This's site mid next year, assuming the producers can fine someone fierce enough to play Diaz. We can't wait to see how they cast the character that's 'loosely based' on Jean-Georges." - New York Magazine