Horrible Bosses

July 7th, 2011 by abbe diaz


Hey, has anyone ever had a "horrible boss" by any chance? We know we know— it’s like, sooo totally unlikely in the F&B industry!— but we’d just thought we’d ask. Anybody? Anybody? Bueller? Diaz?


Oh, there I am! Lookit that: "Abbe Diaz, a 42-year-old living in Greenwich Village, had so many bad experiences working in New York City restaurants that she wrote a book about it, PX This. (Diary of the ‘Maître d’ to the Stars’)…"

Aww maaan, did they leave out the part about the boss that would undermine potential business/customers simply to… oh forget it never mind. (Thanks, Daily News!)

However, if by some chance you’d like to know more about my crazy contemptible crackheaded mutherfukkers "horrible" bosses (and sooo much more), you know where to go! You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! It’s the… oh you get the picture.

Yay, me!



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Have you heard?
Until the release of PX Me- The Sequel to PX This (Spring 2012), this website will henceforth be updated only intermittently (approximately once or twice a week).
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  1. w.a. Says:

    go abbe!!!! :D :)

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