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April 6th, 2011 by Dick Johnson


MORE on Nightlife


Following yesterday’s news of a shakeup at The Box, we hear nightlife fixture Aalex Julien has left EMM Group’s Simyone Lounge (aka SL). In a somewhat ironic twist, partners Mark Birnbaum and Eugene Remm have evidently required all operatives to sign a Non-Compete Agreement— a move Remm might possibly have appropriated from Steve Hanson‘s BR Guest, having once overseen BR Guests’s very first foray in nightlife, Level V, formerly housed in the basement space under (defunct) Meatpacking District restaurant Vento (currently Dos Caminos), located mere blocks from EMM properties, SL and Tenjune.

Apparently, the rigid Non-Compete includes provisos on non-employment with rival entities for designated extended periods, and allegedly bars impresarios from further related employment in NYC at any time. Obviously, this proves problematic for Julien, who once openly admitted to surveying "other projects," at least one of which was situated in "the Meatpacking."

Julien has worked with EMM for several years, manning the entrance to Tenjune since its inception in September of 2006.


photo: Melissa Hom for Grubstreet, New York Magazine



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