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GREATEST HITS: PX This [The Blahg]

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"John Gulager, Project Greenlight"

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2005. 11:48AM:

Last night I went and had drinks with GUESS WHO

JOHN effing GULAGER! Yay!

… And of course I could tell all sorts of interesting things I learned from him about the movie business and hollywood type stuffs and Afflecks and Weinsteins and Moores [oh my]–
but I shan’t. Because John Gulager very distinctly said to me: "don’t go writing any of this up on that thingie of yours now."
(mind you he said "now," so I guess you’ll just have to wait for PX Me to come out, hee ehee.)

Oh and in case you’re wondering, John Gulager’s wifey Diane Goldner loooves her totally fierce Geld Iaz Feast Premiere dress. Actually she told me she probably would have rocked it last week at the Emmy Awards instead, had she and John Gulager not been invited like "sooo last minute." Stupid hollywood.

Anyway. John Gulager actually read PX This, can you believe it?! He said he "started in the middle and then continued to the end and then started at the beginning" whatever the hell that means. Something about my book not giving him "the impression" it absolutely "needed to be read chronologically" (even though hellooo, the fucking thing is like totally chronological, no?).
What ever. I only mention it at all because other peoples have said the same sort of thing to me too, and I must say it kinda makes me a little bit nutso.
Oh but John Gulager did call me "the Truman Capote of the restaurant industry" so that was great! Aaand he even called himself "the BIG Johnny G" ha ha ha aha haa snort.

Yah so. Here’s a picture of John Gulager saying "hi there!"
He was talking to Marcus Dunstan the co-screenwriter of Feast right at that moment, and he even handed me his cellie to say hello, isn’t that sweet? Marcus Dunstan was really nice on the phone, I said congratulations on "the bestest Project Greenlight season ever!" and he replied "wow, thank you so much!"

… Hooray! GO GULAGER!



MONDAY OCTOBER 2, 2006. 10:18AM:

… Check it, it’s Diane Goldner, John Gulager‘s wifey, remember them? In her fierce Geld Iaz dress that she wore to the Feast premiere!

And if you click that little photo then it will take you to the special WireImage page, where you will also see a picture of my beloved Ben Affleck right smack up there too!
So okay did you catch that, my dress was at the Feast premiere with Ben Affleck– where I’m sure at some point in the night he must have been forced to gaze upon my beautiful Geld Iaz creation and admire it in all its exceptional splendor. Now tell me that’s not trippy in some bizarro cosmic way



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