Salon 403: “Love Is…”

February 8th, 2011 by The House


Salon 403: Love is…


Congratulations to Lelaine Lau of Salon 403 for another wonderful and successful event last night, "Love is…"


Love is one of those things that is nearly impossible to quantify or describe, and difficult to define beyond "a strong affection for". And yet we know it when we see it or feel it, receive it or give it. It’s also an energy and a visceral feeling. It’s positive and uplifting and healthy. It encompasses so much more than just romance, and yet that is the first thing most people think of when they hear the word. So what is love to you?

Love Is is a celebration of love of all kinds as told through the stories of my presenters. Love Is is meant to be an expression of the various ways that love manifests. Love Is is a storytelling event and an interactive art project.

Please join me at the next 403, where presenters including chanteuse, French punk, and cult icon EDWIGE BELMORE, singer/songwriter DAVID RALEIGH, writer and cartoonist ANTHONY HADEN-GUEST, Super Sprowtz founder RADHA AGRAWAL, purveyor of love KATIA TALLARICO, lifestyle consultant WILSON MESA, model and muse PETEY WRIGHT, and other members of the 403 community will share what love is to them.

French painter, poet and conceptual artist JULIEN ISORE will also present his LOVE project – an experimental and interactive international art work and "advertising campaign" for LOVE. The aim of the campaign is to combine materiality and immateriality and transform humanity into a work of art. Julien’s work explores theoretical questions about metaphorical thought and the process of imaginary, and his campaign has captured the hearts of people all over the world from Lisbon, Paris, Shanghai, Brussels, Los Angeles, Geneva, Bogota, Stockholm and Bombay. This is his first LOVE campaign in New York City.

Love Is will feature the cuisine of CAMILLE BECERRA, a NYC-based chef and restaurateur known for incorporating the Latin spices of her heritage and her dedication to the farm-to-table movement. A top graduate of the Academy of Culinary Arts, she went on to open the popular Paloma in Greenpoint, which lasted 3 years before being shuttered by fire, and she competed in Season 3 of Top Chef. Most recently she held a series of wildly successful pop-up restaurants called The Hunger, which drew raves from the likes of Tom Colicchio and Todd English.


To see more photographs of this fantastic evening, you know where to go…



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