Mr H: Preview

February 14th, 2011 by Dick Johnson


Hey, remember a few weeks ago when we referred to Armin Amiri‘s new enterprise but didn’t want to give away all the details because we were trying to be respectful, and then Eater graciously picked up our tidbit and then the very next day The New York Post shadily ran with the story without crediting us, as usual, because they’re lame shystery fuckers, and then supposedly Amy Sacco got pretty upset and then maybe may or may not have thrown a wee bit of a tantrum that Amiri is riding her coat tails straight over her head now that he’s getting all these big new deals in New York (hey New York Post, did you happen to hear about the other project Amiri’s been fervently eyeing for months now?) and she’s not?


Yeah well, that place is called Mr H, and it soft-opened to "friends and family" as a complimentary "preview" last week on Friday night for "only thirty invited guests," in a practice run before the Prabal Gurung and Derek Lam parties over the weekend. We have a few photos even though technically we weren’t allowed to take pictures, so we’ll show you some because clearly there’s no point in trying to be respectful. However, we will endeavor to remain somewhat courteous and just give you a sneak peek, because apparently Mr H is currently in the unfortunate position of having to honor Fashion Week bookings made months in advance despite being behind development schedule and "not fully prepared." Evidently, its current state is "temporary"; Mr H will re-close after Fashion Week to undergo further renovations.


That is all for now. Try checking The Post tomorrow— maybe they’ll make some calls today in an attempt to score some kind of awesome indignant quote from Amy Sacco or something.



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5 Responses to “Mr H: Preview”

  1. Dishwasher Says:

    lol This is why I love PX so much.. ;)

  2. swee Says:

    Has anyone else wanted anything to die as miserably as I hope Rupert Murdoch’s Daily does? I would throw my iPad out the window of a speeding cab before I would ever consider reading that garbage.

  3. Inkslinger Says:

  4. Adcap Says:

    You know shyster is anti Semitic right?

  5. swee Says:


    Didn’t know, but certainly not surprised.

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