Nuela’s New Venture

September 15th, 2010 by The House


Nuela may have waited two months for its official kinda wishy-washy New York Times review, but evidently that was enough time for Chef Adam Schop to greatly impress discerning patrons and astute investors (you know, the ones who aren’t afraid of the big bad scary pictures).

The owners of Nuela have already signed on the dotted line and slowly begun work on their next project. Located at the former Ottimo space just east up 24th Street from Nuela (and next door to Eataly), this latest undertaking endeavors to bring Schop’s creative and scrumptious West Coast Chopperesque touch to Argentinean steak.
Mmmm… beeeeef…

Not so fast there, Meateater. The anticipated date of launch is a "good year or so away… like, laaater." (Place your bets now on which color of the rainbow gets top billing. Kidding!)

We’re just sayin’.



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