Click Your Heels Three Times…

May 5th, 2010 by abbe diaz

yah so
by now, yalls have heard all about how poor eric-goode couldn’t get home from europe cuz the big stupid volcano in iceland wouldn’t let him. well, did you even stop to think about all the forlorn europeans and scandinavians and whatnot stranded here for the very same reason? no. no, of course you didn’t.

imagine, say— you were stranded at THOR for days and days on end with absolutely no knowledge of how long it would be before you’re able to return home. and so you went out one night and got drunk and passed out on a new friend’s living room sofa. and then somebody stole your pants, but you didn’t discover it until you awoke the next morning? and thus you had to walk through the strange, crowded, unfamiliar streets of NYC all the way back to THOR without your pants?
wouldn’t you looove if it were all captured on video so you could relive this awesome experience time and time and time again? sure you would— i thought so!

and so, without further ado, PX This presents: The New York Blues with Markus Keller and Marc Swoboda


or ya know— you can also check out professional "snow rider" Marc Swoboda (for Nitro®, Volcom®, Red Bull®, and Nike®) in action—


and/or former Olympian Markus Keller— with his pants.


nyeeah. take that, Page Six.


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***With very special thanks to Kummi "Bunny" Kim



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2 Responses to “Click Your Heels Three Times…”

  1. MILFweed Says:

    Oh Abbs. You know what’s going to drive my nephew craziest of all? Not only are you hanging out with all the guys that he would kill to meet in person, but that you don’t even like snow!

  2. whats anorexia? Says:

    aaaaawwwww, i hope they got home ok!!!! :D :D :)

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