Remembering the Limelight

January 15th, 2010 by Inkslinger




As the Limelight “Mall” nears completion, PX This would like to mark the occasion by presenting the following excerpts from PX This – Diary of the “Maitre d’ to the Stars”:


[** REVISION: This post has been updated in recognition of the release of Limelight the documemtary, premiering September 23, 2011. **]




MONDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2000. 8:33AM

… speaking of Palladium. So I finally got up the guts to call Alessandra Gatien. I have been thinking about her a lot lately, she’s pretty cool. I don’t think I ever mentioned about the meeting we had a whiles back, I was going to put a little Geld Iaz showroom dealie inside the new Limelight, but obviously it never panned out. Anyways holy cow, that Alex Gatien really impressed me intellectually, she is so smart, she practically knocked me out of my chair. And you knooow I ’m not awed that easily, especially by girls because usually they’re so fucking stupid. Anyhow, so all those “dragon lady” things everybody said about her— whatever— she is not messing around. Dragon lady or no dragon lady she got it going on, heehee eheee that poor one eyed fuck never stood a chance.
We chatted about websites and she showed me the new logo she designed for Limelight, it was great. Simple, just circular gradiated white center to green edge inside a sphere. To signify “captured light”— she said: “After what I’ve been through, that is how I feel. Like I captured light.”
And it was absurd, she showed me some fifty page “catalog” and it’s literally 500 of the ugliest unimaginative most generic logos you’ve ever seen. She said she was appalled, at first she tried to hire some graphics company but they wanted big money for this, “they take the letter L and the color lime and they plug it into a computer” and it spits out these McLogos and then you’re supposed to just pick one. Can you imagine, how lame.
She said she likes the Geld Iaz logo too, she is attracted to circles just like I am. That’s a “very Japanese” fungshooey thing apparently.
So there we were conversing all about other small business stuffs and the subject drifted to marketing and advertising and so then she gave me fun facts like: “to put your ad on the side of one bus is $30G’s but to put them on all the buses and all the stops is a mere $100G’s, see how fucked up it is?” And then she busts out with this web development outline talking about how she is learning HTML because all the web building companies want to charge her an arm and a leg and so she is simply going to build the website herself, she had projections for streaming deejays from around the world and Limelight albums and souvenirs and paraphernalia and geezus all manner of other money making hullabaloo …


SATURDAY, APRIL 7, 2001. 9:45AM

… so anyhoo! Eric Goode’s brother… knows Baunau the ho-stess, and so he just randomly walks up to us at the podium one night and he says to Baunau “pleeease set my brother up with somebody.” And then they wander off together to chitchat. About a minute later Baunau comes back and immediately asks me if I "have a boyfriend?" So I reply yes and right away she asks “is it serious?” eeheee ha ha ahaa. Hellooo, can you imagine? Eric Goode! I am kinda a little in awe of him, you know. He’s one of my idols— Area and MK, how fierce is he. Even Andy Warhol says Eric Goode is great, come on now. Ha ha ahaa, if I were single and dated him, I would Alessandra-Gatien that boy so fast he would not know what hit him…


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and Married a Millionaire)



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11 Responses to “Remembering the Limelight”

  1. MILFweed Says:

    Ha I remember that part. Abbe the revision sounds great and I can’t wait to see the new version with the pictures and updates. Congrats and looking forward to it…..

  2. whats anorexia? Says:

    ooohhh when?? when??? :D is this a revision of the old book coming out soon or a new book??? wasn’t there supposed to be a px 2, or should i say px too??? :)

  3. Inkslinger Says:

    We’re shooting for a mid-March release of the revised version of the original PX This. Then hopefully PX This Too will not be far behind it! :D

  4. Down by the Emo Says:

    Holy shit I was just about to order it! Am I the only PX fan that hasn’t read the book yet? :)

    So should I wait for the revision? How much will it cost? I was going to order a used one from Amazon, because it’s kind of expensive :(

  5. abbe Says:

    hi “Down by the Emo”

    yes, please wait for the revision. if you trust me with your information, e-mail me your shipping address and i will send you one as soon as it’s released.

    thank you :)


    p.s. i had/have no control over the price of the current version— it was determined by the publisher according to page count.
    sorry, i can’t say right now what the price of the revised version will be, but we’re working on it.

  6. Down by the Emo Says:

    Really!? I’m emailing you my address right now. I’ll send it from my work email so you know it’s me. :)

    Thanks! Can you sign it, please?

  7. BS Says:

    Do we all get free copies of the new book just for asking, wtf???

  8. abbe Says:

    hi BSD!
    hee eheee well– i guess that would depend on your definition of “we all.”

    to quote the cute Na’Vi blue people: “i see you.” :)
    some –ahem– avatars show their encouragement and support by being here every day since the very beginning, and some even leap to my defense whenever i need them most. if you think that i’m not perfectly aware or that i haven’t noticed, then you’re mistaken.
    it really means a lot to me— i have friends and people i know in real life that wouldn’t even do that for me. the least i can do in return is send a copy of my silly book.

    so if by “we all” you mean homies like YOU, then the answer to your question is yes. as long as you trust me with your real identity and shipping address, that is.

    thank you

  9. abbe Says:

    p.s. we’re taking a break today for MLK — in case anybody’s wondering.


  10. lisa Says:

    Uh … WHAT?!!! A mini mall? I thought the last version I saw of Limelight was tragic. Are you f-ing kidding me???

  11. the pilatesbiz Says:

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